“We are all Americans”. True, but what does it mean to be an “American”. If I move to Spain, do I become Spanish? Then move to Pakistan do I become Pakistani? America was not founded on the idea that we become an “American”.  The American experiment (the end results are still not in) is that people from all over the world can come here under a unified framework (the Constitution) that allows, and is formulated for, individual liberties to flourish. That is something that virtually no other country can say. That is my understanding of “Blind Justice”. There is no requirement that we speak the same language, eat the same foods, think the same way or any other specific American Way. If anything, the “American Way” is diametrically opposed to an assimilated populace. We act as one when we fully understand the uniqueness of America and our responsibilities to uphold civil rights and justice for all Americans. 

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