First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave, Go!

Anyone who has spent time at an ocean beach knows that the big waves come in groups, or wave trains. Five is usually the number that seems about right. I learned that empirical fact in my early teen years every Sunday at the Riis Park ocean beach in Queens, NY. That was important since IContinue reading “First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave, Go!”

Where oh Where Will My Hurricanes Be

As mentioned in the last number of posts, we are still in St. Lucia as the pandemic has locked down all East Caribbean Islands (ECI’s) for inter-island and international travel. They are starting to “open up” as I write this as the spread of the virus has been blunted by the lock down and controlsContinue reading “Where oh Where Will My Hurricanes Be”

The Hurricane Season Approaches

Migration is a natural occurrence. The animal kingdom has been at it for a considerable time. The swallows of Argentina may be the most famous. From their cliff side home in Goya, to the Mission in Capistrano, they are celebrated in song and folklore. Oddly enough, when the Mission renovated their building a few yearsContinue reading “The Hurricane Season Approaches”