Back on Board and Boat Yard Work

We flew back to Trinidad, the day after Labor Day, to see how the Labor on Kalunamoo was doing. Well, it was as expected. Work tends to slow down when the owners are not around. Stephen, our contractor for the deck painting was just about finished. A few more days, touching up, buffing and cleaningContinue reading Back on Board and Boat Yard Work

Three Birthdays, a Wedding, and a Funeral

We do live most of the year on Kalunamoo in the Eastern Caribbean – the Lesser Antilles – in the West Indies. That sounds exotic to many, and with comments such as “Living the Dream”, in many ways it is. We have gone to where the “weather suits my clothes”, the nights are dark, andContinue reading “Three Birthdays, a Wedding, and a Funeral”

The Butterfly and Water of Gwada

After a few days in Deshaies, we sailed down the coast to Malendure near Pigeon Island and then to Pointe-a-Pitre. We make this move in consideration of the winds. Pointe-a-Pitre is in the middle of Guadeloupe, between the two butterfly “wings” of the island. That means sailing around the south end of the mountainous BasseContinue reading “The Butterfly and Water of Gwada”