How’s that lockdown treating you? Yes, I know the feeling. I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me. Girl you don’t realize what you do to me.  Well B.J. Thomas must have been singing about that girl coVid, only 19 years old, but what a looker. Turns the whole world upside down.

Restless, that’s what I hear. Everybody’s talking at me, can’t hear a word they sayin’. Something about they can’t get no satisfaction. Maybe that mask is a little too tight. Well I see many are moving on up. Up to the north side. They goin’ for a better piece of the pie. Maybe its that country road calling. West Virginia? Blue Ridge Mountains?

Sailing took us away to where we always heard it could be. And it’s not far down. You understand why you came this way. Well, we got stuck in paradise as the virus closed all the doors. What else can we do but have some quality time. Been scraping and sanding, cleaning and sealing, and tossing and turning all night thinking that things just ain’t right. Should we be restless like those we know? For all we know it may be just a dream. But they are sailing on. Sail on, down the line, about a 1000 miles, don’t really want to know. But do wish them well. If I had wings like Noah’s dove, maybe we could fly.

Sometimes it’s the end of a perfect day but we never know it. There were birds in the sky, bells in the hills, and there was music all around, but do we here it now? Time has come today and my soul has been psychedelicized. There’s no place to run, so we sit on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. But are we wasting time? Is that what causes restlessness?

Cold hearted orb that rules the night, although we rebrand it now as super. Can we decide which is right and which is an illusion? Or is it just a brilliant disguise? A big pizza pie? Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night. We were born to be wild, to get out on the highway, Thunder Road lies ahead, restlessness can be cured.

Gotta’ move. Gotta’ keep that big wheel turning. Rolling, rolling, rolling down that river. Start spreading the news, a brand new start, come fly with me, and fly me to the moon, we gotta’ get out of this place. 

But stop! In the name of love.

Just hold on to what we got. And if you got a nickel wouldn’t you lay your money down. Spend time on the corner and hear that happy noise. People come from miles around just to hear that sound Johnny. Up that lazy river, ain’t misbehaving, and just like Jack Horner sitin’ in the corner, don’t go nowhere and don’t care. Lazzy bones, hope the fish don’t bite. Mister nowhere man? The worlds at your command? Maybe, but I’m content ‘causs I got sunshine on a cloudy day. It feels like May, every day. What can cause that? My girl, my girl, I got my girl.

I found my thrill…   

I hope this awoke some soundtracks of recognition (although you may need to be a certain age) in these times of turmoil. Let the songs fill your days and be blessed that you can still sing in the shower, in the clothes you were born with, and with a voice that perhaps only God can appreciate.  

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